Evans EP100 Echopet Analog Delay (2nd Hand)


Evans EP100 Echopet Analog Delay (2nd Hand)

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Evans Echopet EP 100 Vintage Analog Delay Unit.

1980s Analog delay effect unit, using bucket brigade delay chips. Gives a warm crusty sound that is hard to replicate on digital effects, which makes this unit sought after.

Great for dubby, trippy effects. From dub delays to flanging effects.

Other than a few minor, cosmetic, issues this unit is in good working order, no crackles on pots and has been thoroughly cleaned inside and out and the case repainted. It sounds great.

Here is a video of me testing a identical unit. (This is one of 3 that I have repaired, restored or refurbished)

Usually, these go for £200-300

Due to the issues noted below I’m selling for much less. So here’s a chance to grab a bargain!

The minor issues.

1. Operating level switch was broken so has been bypassed and removed, its now fixed at 0db which is the optimum level for most modern equipment anyway.

2. Front panel is very faded making the original legending hard to read, these have been replaced using a label maker.

Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 17 cm