How does it work?

Upload the individual audio channels of your song, also known as “stems”, and I will send you digital stereo master mixes of your song.

You can even listen in while I mix, from the comfort of your own home or studio, using Steinberg’s free VST Connect Performer app. You will be notified of when your mix session will be in advance and given a keycode to log into the mix. If you plug in a microphone you can speak to me, otherwise you can send instant text messages to give me notes.

When the mix is completed you will get the vocal version, instrumental and A capella in the file format of your choice (.wav, .aif etc)

How long does it take to mix a song?

The time taken to mix a song varies, anything from a few hours to a few days per song. The more time that is spent refining the sound and balance of your mix the better, but there is a point where the mix can be “overcooked” if too much time is spent on it.

In my experience the optimum amount of time to spend on mixes is between half a day (approx 5hrs) and a day and a half (approx 15hrs). The time needed for your song will depend on a few factors.

  • The number of individual stems in the song
  • The type of instruments used – acoustic/amplified instruments tend to take a little longer to mix than electronic sounds.
  • The amount of editing, if any, that is required – more time will be needed if drums need to be aligned or vocals need to be edited
  • The amount of mixing and processing that has already been done – If you have already done some of the mixing and are happy with some elements, I’ll start from where you left off so it will need a lot less time.

With that in mind I have structured the pricing into 3 bands. The Swift Mix, Standard Mix and Premium Mix. See the table below to compare the offers.

[Total_Soft_Pricing_Table id=”1″]