What is the difference between Mixing and Mastering?

Mixing is done using the individual audio channels, or “stems”, of each song. Each channel is treated separately using EQ, Compression and effects such as reverb and delay. All the tracks are then mixed together into one stereo audio file.

Mastering is done using the stereo file from the final mix, compression, EQ and limiting is then applied where needed. The track will also be checked for any technical defects such as DC Offest and Phase Correlation. Don’t worry if you don’t know what those things are, all you need to know is that during the mastering process everything is checked and corrected, where needed, to ensure the tracks are ready for release.

About Lotek Productions Mastering Service

The mastering is done using a combination of digital and analogue processes. The expected turnaround is 72 hours.

You get 2 revisions of the master for free.

The master will be optimised for upload to all the most popular platforms such as Spotify, iTunes etc. On request you can also be provided with a “Pre-Cut Master” ready for vinyl manufacture.

The final master can be delivered in your choice of file format (.wav, .aif etc), bandwidth and bit depth. We can work at up to 196khz bandwidth and 32bit, the default used would be 44.1khz and 24bit wave file.